”[…] I should have been in Fiji in less than a week. But the first piece of land I saw wasn’t Fiji, was it? No. No, it was here — this, this island. And you know why? Because this is it. This is all there is left. This ocean and this place here. We are stuck in a bloody snow globe. There’s no outside world. There’s no escape.


learn me meme • [2/5] guy characters
      james “sawyer” ford

Anon asked: Why should you watch Lost?
↳ My answer: The plot.

Several NEWSWEEK staff members, who have never before seen an episode of the hit ABC drama, watch clips from the show and attempt to explain the mysteries and plot twists that occur.

all of us are guilty, all of us are lost.

Lost Character Meme
↳ One Season → S1

Moving On [Bonus Track]
by: Michael Giacchino
plays: 31,707

Michael Giacchino
“Moving On”
Lost (2010)


Lost, Season 6 + Colours

"Don’t mistake coincidence for fate."

"We are survivors of Oceanic Flight 815. We have survived on this island for 80 days. We were six hours into the flight when the pilot said we were off course and turned back toward Fiji. We hit turbulence and crashed. We’ve been waiting here all this time-waiting for rescue that has not come. We do not know where we are. We only know you have not found us. We’ve done our best to live on this island. Some of us have come to accept we may never leave it. Not all of us have survived since the crash. But there is new life, too, and with it, there is hope. We are alive. Please don’t give up on us."